Without any more details only very general advice can be offered. But that general advice would be to build an 'MVP' (minimal viable product) and start testing it.

Test it with yourself, then friends, then family, then strangers, then more strangers etc. You'll be making changes to it along the way to make it fit closer and closer to what people want and find useful, and you'll be refining your knowledge of who your target market is.

When you have enough data showing people like and will pay for your product, you can get investment if you want, to grow faster, or grow more slowly and organically without investment.

If you can't build your 'disruptive tech idea' yourself, there are several options that will still let you make and deploy and test an MVP version of it.

Feel free to send more background info if you'd like advice better tailored to your actual idea,

best of luck,


Answered 3 years ago

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