I am trying to figure out how to deal with our need to develop leads for our logo design/branding company. What is the best way to hire, train and/or lead a lead generation virtual assistant to develop leads like this? We have three main packages that we are pitching, $595, $795, and $995. So the basic idea is that our lowest priced job is $595, but we are aiming for the $800 mark for the most part. The $595 package is just the branding and logo development. We offer an up-front phone consultation for all packages. The $995 includes the website. Target markets: > IT start-ups > New companies > Entrepreneurs > Consultants > Small business > Brand overhaul clients How should we approach the listed markets? Should we be focusing more on just one clear market?

My Dad always told me... Outsource everything, except you're marking.

The idea being, that you (and other principles) know your company better than anyone you can hire.

If I came in as a consultant to your firm + you asked me the question above, I'd have your get rid of all your other daily activities + you become the expert on...

1) Paid traffic sources.

2) Content page design, where to drive page traffic.

3) Also how to do mass networking, which equates to speaking to live groups... which is hands down, the best way to sell high ticket services you're selling.

You're services fit into the high ticket category with me, because you'll be competing with Fiverr + 99Designs, so you have to compete on quality + then reach people who understand the difference between you + the $5 alternatives.

My suggestion... comb through Clarity + find people who seem to deeply understand marketing + have a speak in a voice (style) which seems to match your style.

Hire several people for conversations + find someone you get along with to service as your guide through this process.

Likely this person will become a permanent fixture working with you. Also likely they will charge a fairly significant fee for their assistance.

Answered 3 years ago

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