I am trying to figure out how to deal with our need to develop leads for our logo design/branding company. What is the best way to hire, train and/or lead a lead generation virtual assistant to develop leads like this? We have three main packages that we are pitching, $595, $795, and $995. So the basic idea is that our lowest priced job is $595, but we are aiming for the $800 mark for the most part. The $595 package is just the branding and logo development. We offer an up-front phone consultation for all packages. The $995 includes the website. Target markets: > IT start-ups > New companies > Entrepreneurs > Consultants > Small business > Brand overhaul clients How should we approach the listed markets? Should we be focusing more on just one clear market?

I would not advise outsourcing your lead generation. Over the years I have found that most small business owners started a business believing they would focus on the work or idea that sparked the business. However, your job is to bring in the business. You can always outsource the actual work. This does not mean it never makes sense to hire a salesperson but for your business, at this stage, you should handle this internally. There are a number of ways that you can generate leads from thought leadership to inbound marketing. Happy to help you formulate a plan that you can implement.

Answered 3 years ago

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