I am trying to figure out how to deal with our need to develop leads for our logo design/branding company. What is the best way to hire, train and/or lead a lead generation virtual assistant to develop leads like this? We have three main packages that we are pitching, $595, $795, and $995. So the basic idea is that our lowest priced job is $595, but we are aiming for the $800 mark for the most part. The $595 package is just the branding and logo development. We offer an up-front phone consultation for all packages. The $995 includes the website. Target markets: > IT start-ups > New companies > Entrepreneurs > Consultants > Small business > Brand overhaul clients How should we approach the listed markets? Should we be focusing more on just one clear market?

I've done lead gen for branding entities such as yourself.

I would recommend working with multiple lead generation entities, whether that be a firm or an individual, on small scale lead gen projects to test the waters.

Those who do lead gen will be able to hand you a sample of internet mined leads as per your requirements. The lead gen consultant should provide their own lead gen methods and techniques.

Personally, I teach the lead gen technique I use with my clients so they have it for future endeavors. They have other work to do, that's why they outsourced to me in the first place, so this doesn't bother me. If they like my work the first time they will come back.

This is especially true for the three markets you mention that I feel are your best bets - entreprenuers, consultants, and small businesses. I would add to your list internet marketers. So many people out there trying to make money on the 'net.

But remember, there are different ways to segment to a target market on the internet - other ways of defining who and where your target is. You can do this with location and time-based mining techniques.

As far as focus is concerned, I would focus on knowing the type of lead you want - how current you want the lead to be for instance.

If you would like to know more I take calls for questions and I will give you lead gen techniques pertinent to a branding botique such as yours.

Answered 3 years ago

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