Hi, I have a blog and I have setup a newsletter for it, I tend to send this newsletter to the people who are interested in the content I write in my blog, which I know that it appeals to the people I am sending to. I am thinking of a different approach, instead of starting to send them the posts I write on the blog I want to engage with them so what should I do? 1- send them an introductory newsletter email? 2- or create a poll on the blog asking people if they want to receive the blog posts on their emails? Please note that some of the people I am sending to are not visiting the newsletter regularly but are interacting with what I write on social media, which means they are interested What is the best approach to launch this newsletter in an engaging way? Thanks

Definitely send them the poll. If you send an introductory newsletter, most people may never read it. People are lazy and do not like reading much.

If you send them a poll, you engage them to take action and they actually get into the fun.

Also, I suggest giving your audience a powerful incentive if they answer the poll, like putting them into a drawing to mention their website or Facebook page. People only get engaged these days if there is something in it for them and just answering a poll is not engaging enough.

Like, on my blog and on some of the blogs on, some bloggers will blog their clients to their Twitter followers and that is what I do to my 40,000 Twitter followers.

It works wonders. I also have other ideas that I would be willing to share with you on the phone. I have implemented several ideas that work to engage my audience.


Answered 8 years ago

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