I want to create a magazine type site for coaching services with Wordpress for selling a book and 1 on 1 coaching - where should I go?

similar to: understandingrelationships . com


Studio Press has a plethora of great templates, including magazine style.

Answered 6 years ago

Are you looking for a company/agency to help you build this? We can definitely setup a time to talk about your requirements, expectations, and budget. The key honestly it your budget - the sky is the limit from a creative perspective if budget isn't an issue. Wordpress is a great platform though - I recommend it to 90% of my clients. You can contact my company directly at: or

Answered 6 years ago

A magazine type website requires - once it's launched - a lot of time to update the content. Your readers expect new content every day - perhaps even more frequent. Have you thought about that? Do you have the time to take care of content, considering that it's time you can't spend on your core business anymore?

My experience covers the development of a marketing strategy and then translating that in a "customer journey" on your website-to-be, followed the design and development of your Wordpress website. I suppose you want sell your book on your website; would you want to sell your coaching services online, too?

It may be unexpected, but I believe there are opportunities to create a coaching service that can be sold online. Doing so would create two "value spaces": one for effective and cost-efficient coaching based on a standard program for each of the coaching objectives that your services address, and another proposition, with a more premium price tag, for tailored coaching services that are made-to-measure. The cost-effective option could reach a lot of people, and we could nicely let it play with selling your book.

May I propose to schedule a call, to explore further what the possibilities are? It would not cost you anything, except some time. Right now I'd simply have too many questions to justify a fee; after a quick first conversation I'll get the picture, and I'll be able to help you much better.

Thanks in advance!

Answered 6 years ago

If you're looking to do this yourself Studio Press has some good options - you'll probably find what you are looking for least to start with.

Depending on your budget and timeframe you might want to consider getting a company to help with some or all of the aspects of the site though.

Answered 6 years ago

I'm a graphic designer I create magazines all the time, I can build it or we can collaborate on one.. we could have the magazine, the website and the app🙌🏾

Answered 6 years ago

Also as a solopreneur myself I would recommend the website packages at Squarespace- it's like Wordpress but security and updates are done for you. You just have to put up the site content n images. It's easier than Wordpress. Also Wix or Weebly are bit less nice.

Answered 6 years ago

Hi! I'm Wordpress Developer more then 10 years! I can do that for you! Just contact-me if you are interested in. Best.

Answered 6 years ago

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