I have a startup which is pretty close to finish, the issue I have is that I am bootstrapping my way to profit. My startup is quite enticing, I have signups, I have an app which has been validated, it's a great sector (education) and there is a clear roadmap. But 8 developers later I'm still left wondering if there's something that I'm doing wrong, the number of tasks they need to complete in order to get a minimal viable product should be attractive and (I thought) an easy way to get into a startup. Yet each one either talks the talk and then disappears or they don't have the time (which is crazy because they're posted on co-founder sites). How can I get developers to contact me?

There are many discussions these days about how small business owners struggle to get connected and stay connected with their communities of interest. Whether the priorities are personal or professional, the concerns are the same; where do I go to find and share amongst my peers, relevant and consistent exchanges of ideas, values, interests and market intelligence?

Building and maintaining an online community centered on your agenda is the single best way to find what you’re looking for. My thoughts continue at

Answered 7 years ago

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