I am part of a bootstrap startup called AeroLeads and I am investigating for some suggestions that can provide some dominant approaches to hit the sales target.

This is a great question. I would first determine and clarify what your sales target is. Once that is defined I would then reverse engineer backward's to arrive at some numbers that can then fuel your daily sales "process" driven goals.

You will have "outcome" sales goals which are where you would like to go.

Then you will have "process" driven sales goals which are what you will need to do consistently each day to ensure you get there.

A simple sample would look like this:
Sales Goal is 10 new customers per month
You know if you talk to 10 leads you can close 3 of them (30%) which means you need to talk to at a min of 34 leads per month to hit your goals.

Next, you will want to determine what you need to do to actually get 34 leads to the "decision" stage of your funnel.

Look at your funnel from top to bottom (this will be different for everyone) but everyone can determine to some extent for example how many people you need to reach, visitors to your website, optins, etc.

You may determine that your process-driven goal each day is to cold email 10 new people per day which result in getting you your 34 sales conversations per month.

Or you will see that if you can drive 1,000 visits to your website per day that will result based on how your website and funnel converts in 10 new customers per month.

This will require you to sit down and outline your funnel and conversions. Once you have that number then you can have a clear focus on your process-driven goals from a sales perspective.

But once you know that you can arrange your "Growth hacks" to match that process-driven goal that will get you to where you want to go.

Regarding your "growth hacks" I would consider the following techniques as well that are really effective:

* Very niche specific and personalized cold email campaign with retargeting campaign
*Leverage the "Digital Dream 100" technique and have a dedicated sales person reach out personally one by one.
*Create in-depth case studies and leverage them with paid ads
*Create "Skyscraper" blog posts and leverage them with paid ads and retargeting
*Do some partnerships with some of your customers with fairly large audiences to offer your software for free to them in exchange for them promoting you on their blog, social media, etc.

I would be more than happy to go over any of these with you as I have done all of them very successfully and could break them down for you in more detail.


Answered 2 years ago

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