Building the product is not the hardest part. The hardest part is generating the sales. What strategy does a startup need to follow to get their first 100 customers?

This answer would look different, if the question would have been
“how to acquire the first 1000 customers?”.

100 people is such a small group. Please trust me: do it in person!

You will learn so much! And know much more about 3 amazingly valuable topics for any founder:


As soon as you THINK you have a product ready for clients:

1. Write your story. Express your purpose. Then define your target audience (TA).

2. Tell the story to 100 people. Not all of them need to be potential customers (TA), but most of them should be.

3. Pay attention to the discrepancies between what you thought people would react like, and what they actually reacted like. Be honest and objective towards yourself and your business.

4. Redefine your target audience, after you have learned HOW BIASED you really were.

5. After talking to 1-200 people, periodically updating your approach each time after talking to 20-30 people, you can schedule a call and we can set up communication strategies, to automate and modularize what you have learned.

Let me know how did go!
Best regards, Christopher

Answered 3 years ago

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