I need to connect with experts who know how to navigate the South Korean social media space—mainly Naver. I have clients who need to market on Naver especially. I speak Korean and can navigate a lot of it, but need chat with experts who follow the trends, strategies, and "hacks" for Naver.


Thought I was just give you some quick insight on Social media marketing just in general.

So the good thing about social media marketing is that. All the hacks and tips generally are universal no matter the location.

Here’s some things you want to do to stand out :

1.) Creat ATTENTION. You want people to be attracted to your brand or your “advertisement”. You have got to be different. Since you are new, you want to grab peoples attention. Weather that’s the colors you use, the ad text you use, the emotional ad whatever.
Make sure it grabs attention.
2.) be on all social media platforms.
You want to be on Twitter, instagram, Facebook, google, YouTube.
Not necessarily because you use all of them. But just to show more credibility for the brand. You want people to know you’rs Just as legit as apple or Samsung.

3.) lastly, it doesn’t matter what market you’re in. You’ll never know what really works until you get out there and try. Yes these tips are universal
But you can’t expect to watch a lot of soccer and automatically be Messi. You gotta practice. Get a good feel for what people respond to well. And what doesn’t respond well, etc.

If you are interested in more I can for sure schedule some type of call Witt you to help you out bud

Answered 4 years ago

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