I have a website with online courses teaching the basics of entrepreneurship in Arabic, targeting individuals in the MENA region. Students are very happy with the course and the completion rate is around 31% for my first (required) course which is great! What are some ways that could: - Help me encourage those students to become active promoters? - Ideas for Draws/Competitions that may bring more people? At the moment, I publish blog posts from time to time (content marketing). There is also a FREE ebook that can be downloaded by signing up, although this doesn't mean people will be encouraged to take the course since a lot of people are signing up for the ebook. Thanks!

Love this! You've already got active students which is a great starting place.

Just a couple of clarifying questions:

- Do you have a separate email list for your students outside of the list gained from giving out the eBook? This could be where your promoter marketing can begin.

- Is 'active promoter' the endgame where you make a profit? If so, what does that look like?

- As far as bringing in more people; Draws/Competitions are usually more successful in a social media environment for several reasons. What does your social media audience look like?

Another way to maximize your traffic to bring in more people would be to set up a re-marketing campaign for the people who have viewed your course, but decided not to sign up. This group might be more likely to just download the free eBook in exchange for their email. The only issue is that you would need paid traffic via Google Ads or Facebook Ads to do this well. If you don't have Google Analytics set up yet, I would do that right away so that it can start tracking those traffic flows.

Answered 2 years ago

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