I have a website with online courses teaching the basics of entrepreneurship in Arabic, targeting individuals in the MENA region. Students are very happy with the course and the completion rate is around 31% for my first (required) course which is great! What are some ways that could: - Help me encourage those students to become active promoters? - Ideas for Draws/Competitions that may bring more people? At the moment, I publish blog posts from time to time (content marketing). There is also a FREE ebook that can be downloaded by signing up, although this doesn't mean people will be encouraged to take the course since a lot of people are signing up for the ebook. Thanks!

I would change your thinking.

At the moment you are trying to generate traffic to your website which is hard work.

Why not go to an online learning website like or and upload your entrepreneurship course in arabic.

I’m assuming people in the MENA region use these online learning sites, so you could quickly and easily get your course in front of many arabic speaking people who are looking to learn about entrepreneurship.

Once you have a good number of reviews, you can even start to charge for the course to generate passive income and build your brand :-)

Answered 2 years ago

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