Don't complicate it. Your team is comprised of human beings, each of whom has their own unique set of motivators. Get to know them, really. Get naked. Figure out what makes them tick; one size shoe doesn't fit all.

A few other thoughts:

1) Carrot / stick mentality isn't a sustainable strategy for high-performing, kick-ass players. Throw it out of the window.

2) The secret to successful sales is rawness and empathy. Exemplifying this with your team, will motivate most of them to do the same.

3) Managing people: hire character; customize motivation; expect the world; believe unequivocally. Then, get out of the way.

4) Help people discover why they're doing what they're doing, and how that connects with your shared vision. Then rally them around it.

5) Take care of the person, not just the employee.

Then, watch them thrive. Hope this helps!

Answered 2 years ago

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