What is the best platform for the B2B technology market? We are using LinkedIn & Google Ads right now with poor conversion for sign-ups.

Linkedin and Google seem to be the best avenues right now. Twitter, Pinterest, etc. do not seem like the right venue to market for us but I am open to suggestions.


Quora to show subject matter expertise and 'nurture' your relationship with cold leads to generate more educated and eager signups.

We did an episode on Quora marketing:

In fact, Quora is getting pretty busy due to the fact people like me have gotten very good at marketing on Quora. The ‘white hat’ version of this is below. I consult with founders and marketers to help them execute on this very strategy to help grow their personal brands which inevitably grows their business.

The name of the game for marketing on Quora is showing

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ( This will result in:

1. More credibility to whatever you promote anywhere.
2. Recognition of your brand (it shows up next to your name if you edit your tagline correctly).
3. Targeted and educated traffic to your landing pages.
Here are the steps in this thought leadership strategy:
**Step 1 = Choose a topic**
* Strategy: I start with the focus keyword for your product/service. For an example, I am about to focus my attention on the keyword “thought leadership” because I want to find those most-interested in building their personal brand recognition and credibility in a field (i.e. a Quora topic). For a founder of a SaaS tool, this would probably be the pain point your tool solves - the search term that you want to get traffic from.

**Step 2 = Create a sheet with question links, total answers, views of the top answer, average views per answer (if you have time), and followers.**

* Strategy: You need a formatted database of the potential for your content on quora so you can prioritize your time.
* How data-miner, but I employ a team of data specialists trained in grabbing the right content from the right places on Quora (, and then going about enriching that data to grab linkedin profiles and email addresses.

**Step 3 = Answer them in a google doc**

* Strategy: This is so you can make copies of the content and turn it into multiple types - i.e. a linkedin article, an article for your blog, a number of tweets… Also, if you have collaborators (editors), you can simply give them access to this doc.
* How: Simply create the doc and share it. One doc per question.

**Step 4 = Edit and publish related answers as an article on your blog**

* Strategy: You want to have it on your blog and indexed first so you have attribution and the chance to outrank the quora question with the same headline, or at least be close to it.
* How: Add the version of your answer to your blog.

**Step 5 = Submit that article URL to google to be indexed using your webmaster tools (search console)**
* Strategy: As mentioned, you want google to crawl/index your answer on your site before they index the same text on quora.
* How: Head to your webmaster tools (

**Step 6 = Bring your friends and colleagues into a Quora ‘Pod’**

* Strategy: You need initial engagement to ensure exposure of your answers. The first 24 hours are key, so find a group of people who also publish on Quora and create your own pod.
* How: Reach out to colleagues, ask if they answer questions on Quora. If so, start a WhatsApp or Telegram group and invite them. Post links and share there.
**Step 7 = Publish the answers to Quora**
* Strategy: Now that the answer is on your blog, go ahead and format it for Quora. A video is ideal, but at least add some images.
* How: Head to (

**Step 8 = Share the links to the answers with your friends and colleagues.**

* Strategy: This is where you post to your pod or email/message friends to engage immediately after posting.
* How: Any way you prefer.
Or... hire me to do it all for you :)


Answered 6 years ago

Linkedin is a great spot for this B2B targeting perhaps the ad, landing page, or targeting could be improved to increase the conversion rate though.

Have you considered using facebook and laser targeting the ads?

Answered 6 years ago

If your ad campaigns are doing poorly, I would suspect that it is more of a problem with your lead generation or data analytics. You might not be hitting the right customer demographics, or targeting your ads properly.

Answered 6 years ago

LinkedIn is a very good place for B2B marketing. If you are not getting the conversion you want there could be a couple of things wrong: The audience you are Targeting, your copy or even the landing page. Facebook may be another route but I think with the technology element you are likely to get some pretty good results from LinkedIn

Answered 6 years ago

The problems with digital cold-calling is the lack of engagement and the multiple steps. Do you want to engage solely for the purpose of building a list that you have segment and attempt to sell? Of course not. New products and services thrive in a direct environment. You can measure the interest, apply the feedback and address the concerns to improve performance. More importantly, you can close prospects immediately in a direct environment. Consider identifying conferences, trade groups and trade shows that are target-rich opportunities. If you are struggling with identifying your core customers. I can help with that.

Answered 6 years ago

Poor conversions are usually caused by a couple of factors:

1) Poor targeting or your targeting is off. This is usually the #1 cause for a campaign and/or conversions to perform badly.

You'll want to go back and do a very detailed and comprehensive profiling exercise of your ideal customer base.

Usually, I'd start here.

2) The next most common cause for poor conversions is your offer/messaging is not compelling enough to the traffic you're sending.

This goes back to doing a comprehensive customer profiling which also directs you to what would be of interest to your audience and the kind of messaging that would resonate better with them.

If you don't have the above correct, it's going to be a waste of money to add additional channels.

For B2B, Google and Linked are really the best sources of traffics, so it wouldn't be about looking at other channels I think, it would be revisiting your targeting and offer.

Answered 6 years ago

What is your target audience? And what is your call to action? Is it a free trial, an ebook, webinar invite?

If your conversions are low, I would say you need to reevaluate three things:

1. Your ad message and design: how does it show value and benefit, is it straightforward to read, what is the hook.

2. Your landing page copy and fields: similar to above, what are you saying to make viewers see the value of engaging? Also, is there a low barrier to entry? How many fields does someone need to fill out and what are you asking of them?

3. Your target audience: how active are they on LinkedIn and searching Google? Are there long tail keywords that might be more appealing to your target. The search volume will be lower; however the intent is higher.

Suggestions: SEO and paid ads go together like salt and pepper. Have an SEO strategy in place to help organically build traffic. The good thing about paid is that when you flip the switch, you will be traffic and engagement. The sad thing is that if you turn it off, all the will stop, immediately. If you are focusing on SEO and building organic, that will never go away. The compound interest is invaluable. Once you have built up your organic traffic, you can cut back on the paid.

Also, try incorporating retargeting into your paid strategy. Build more of a story that builds on the content that is for TOFU.

Happy to chat more about how that would look regarding "telling a story." (FYI, this is my favorite method for increasing conversions). Good luck and keep me posted on your changes and improvements.


Michelle Urban

Answered 6 years ago

Google adwords is the best traffic source for B2B technology niche. Review your adgroups. Try to divide the adgroups as many as possible based on theme.

Split test different landing pages.

Answered 6 years ago

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