Hi ,We are building a digital sales enablement platform, what Live plan and Biz plan offer for startups we want to offer to sales people in B2B sales for their strategic accounts. We are in ideation to MVP stage and need mentoring from Technical Architect who have worked on simialr kind of app and can guide us on technology stack, dos and donts of going about building this kind of app. Below is concept video for your reference.

Hi, my name is Kruno, I was senior software Architect on a couple of projects all around the world. For what I got from your video it is obvious that it will be some kind of client-server architecture. My suggestion for the client side is Spring Boot + MongoDB + AngularJS (for building admin panel).
If you wish to include a mobile app, a suggestion is Ionic 3 (
I hope that I helped, let's talk for more...

Answered 2 years ago

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