I recently read some answers to the question of What terms re-sellers use for selling SaaS? In one of them someone suggested to create other revenue opportunities for de resellers other than commissions to increase the revenue. I was thinking what kind of services could they provide to the customers besides onboard new clients or first line support?

As the business or product is not described, I will answer it for a general SaaS product.
Think from the reseller's point of view. Why will you try to sell it to your community (users/clients/followers). Don't think only about revenue opportunities, but opportunities at all.

1. Commissions, first line of support (any professional task, they can do themselves) - yes, when talking about revenue, if you are thinking of other opportunities, going further should be quite business specific. You already have the general stuff.
2. Value to community - they want to be seen as giving value. So you will need to provide an intensive like a further discount (for the 1st year). Or make a split discount/commission offer, and the reseller can decide on the amounts.
3. Freebies - related to above, you can provide some free stuff, just for their community (e.g. eBooks, free pro advice, tailored to the business).
4. Tailored offers - you can provide offers, tailored to the community of the reseller. Have a landing page, just for them. Tailoring needs to be cost effective, until the channel proves traction! The reseller will be happy to present content, tailored to his community.

Answered 3 years ago

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