Who to hire to move forward from having an idea only?

Hi Everyone, I am looking for business consulting assistance to move forward. I have only multiple business ideas but with zero income (having no job, spent 5 years on university, almost 8 years looking for a job and this needs to end), zero savings and zero entrepreneurship experiences, it is going to be close to impossible to be able to start anything on my own. All (3) business ideas have potential of extremely high revenue but this is Not my goal. Instead i would like to be finally able to pay a bill on my own too. I have never earned anything yet. The ideas are based on very big projects, although two of them are nothing new in the world of entrepreneurship, actually i would only compete against many others, but third one is a bit futuristic, very unique and can be used when future technology will be available which basically means i, with "Moving Idea Forward" business consultant, would only be establishing the business background and a branding so I have everything ready at the right time. Everything, all three ideas, are based on the fact that everything can be done remotely, as a work from home job, or wherever internet connection is. I don't know if anyone from you offer "Moving Idea Forward" business consulting but would appreciate if someone could please suggest me who (consulting company, experts etc) and where to contact? I tried here on Startups website the service called Bootcamp but it requires upfront payment so not on option for me. I contacted many different business consulting companies I found via google but didn't get any reply. As i said, projects are very big. Some steps may even require contacting and inquiring (e.g. for partnership?) CEO or even founders of one of the worlds' largest companies. Possibility to get in touch with such person is very small. So would anyone please help me who could i contact for assistance how to get started, move the Ideas Only forward and perhaps make my own company? Obviously it would NOT be for free. The pre-discussed amount of my payment, for consulting service, would be paid as a profit of business activities. Currently I am NOT looking for investor (yet), although I reviewed in detail famous investment network called BusinessAngels but i believe there is no point in asking for investment if I am stucked on the zero step, haven't even came to the first step yet. Feedback would be highly appreciated. Perhaps if someone of you is offering consultancy, this could turn into business partnership later too. Thank you in advance.


The first step is to get the idea validated and opportunity assessed. It is important for an entrepreneur to invest time and energy in idea which has potential of getting transformed into sustainable business.
I'd be happy to assist you move forward in your journey. Drop a message/schedule a call or you may further write to our incubator at for extensive support

Answered 5 years ago

1% inspiration and 9% perspiration.
Should you ideas are so fantastic - get someone who believe in you to finance your startup.

Angels suppose to finance ideas into reality. If even all the Angels also not interested - the problem may be the ideas are not attractive enough.

If the above is the case, it is the ideas in question. As you have no fund to bring your ideas into the next step and not sure did you priority which idea to start/ focus, your next steps are to improve ideas + network for potentail management team + impress angels when you are confident to show case your ideas.

You may try to boostrap by inviting people to join you, if they buy your ideas.

Answered 5 years ago

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