I have heard radio interviews and seen very successful social crowdraising campaigns, that raise their money and go onto become multi-million dollar companies, spoke with an entrepreneur who had 15 million to start for his business. While others struggle for years, or churning out idea after idea, or sit with $0 on gofundme or indiegogo. Is it luck? Talent, is it chance, a phase of astrology, is it the people you know, your credit score or earnings, the family you were born into, energy blocks. Is it neural pathways, is it if you nap like Einstein did? What is it?? I have pondered this for years. It is very hard to raise seed money. Yet some people know how to do it so well!

This a topic I love to talk about. In general, I believe, everybody has her/his own history, knowledge, experience, talents, etc. I personally have many things done unsuccessfully and many others - successfully. When analyzing afterward, it seems that when unsuccessful, this was not my strength. Possibly I was influenced and wrongly excited by something or somebody, that is not for me. Many people love to read how Apple went up, or Microsoft, or Napoleon. But I am an individual, only one of the sort in the world. Others look like me, talk like me, but just partly.
In short, everybody must discover, what is her/his strength and talents and to put much effort to develop. As it is said - success is 1 % talent and 99 % of work. But all 2 parts must be presented.

Answered 2 years ago

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