We are re-focusing on growth and my job as finance is to come up with KPIs that we should be looking at regularly. Since we don't have the usual subscription model, it's difficult to track some traditional KPIs such as MRR, Contract Value, etc. Wondering what other revenue-sharing companies use as indicators.

Can you share a little bit more about your model? It could help clarify. But generally, your KPIs, your core KPIs, should be revenue, costs, and profits. If you’re evaluating marketing, your KPIs should be subscriber/demo/trial accounts/leads. If you’re evaluating sales, they should be conversions, leads to conversion percentage. Customer service, etc. but honestly, all business channels have specific KPIs and this should go one level deeper and saying each activity should be strategized and defined up front to lay out the KPIs before engaging. If you’re an early stage SaaS, the tl;dr is signup/trial/subscriber count and revenue. Eventually, you’ll care about the costs and profits, but for right now revenue should suffice.

Answered 4 months ago

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