Hello! The implied correlation in the question relates to alignment of roles versus organisational success. This is a very narrow perspective. Assaf already highlighted a range of things to consider in relation to the team or managers themselves, I want to point out the environment and business context.

Regardless of the skill set and motivation, business managers deliver in vastly different business environment. They can face different challenges in relation to e.g.:
(1) Local competition
(2) Time to close on deals
(3) Environmental enablers - e.g. availability of digital infrastructure vs relying on traditional sales channels
(4) Regulation and law
(5) Economic trends - whether the local branch operates in a recessionary or expansionary economic environment

The entire 'stack' of challenges needs to be considered to adjust for environmental differences. I've seen vast differences in how successful companies adjust to local business environments and would be happy to share these observations and techniques with you.

Answered a year ago

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