Hello! I want to get started creating two or three courses on Udemy. Of course, I want to be successful, therefore i need to position these courses right in their niches. I need someone who can tell me if I can go "broad" with creating a course about "Learning strategies" in general, or if I have better chances if I am more specific, for example "focus strategies for students". In short words: I need an expert for the Udemy Marketplace. Can you help me? Thank you.

I've had great experience as a user of Udemy and write my own courses but offer those privately for my clients.
It's always better to build a course that answers a specific need. Think about the avatar for your business. You can't meet everyone's needs. Build a course with no more than 8 segments or modules with 4 - 8 learning segments within each module. You will allow the user to achieve rapid and measurable results by completing each section and ending each module with an assessment (quiz) that further validates learning the skill. Udemy is easy to use so you will have a broad audience looking for specific needs.

Answered a year ago

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