Hello! I want to get started creating two or three courses on Udemy. Of course, I want to be successful, therefore i need to position these courses right in their niches. I need someone who can tell me if I can go "broad" with creating a course about "Learning strategies" in general, or if I have better chances if I am more specific, for example "focus strategies for students". In short words: I need an expert for the Udemy Marketplace. Can you help me? Thank you.

Don't chase "profitable" right off the bat. Teach what you know best. If you're from a developed nation, "profit" can be a hard target.
You'll discover more as you go. Don't invest too much time and money at the beginning as well. Start with simple gear and straight forward techniques.
Online courses are created with the mindset that students learn something useful after watching every video, every section, and every course. Niche courses do better on Udemy I believe, "focus strategies for students" would sell well as compared to 'learning strategies" since the later is vague and doesn't attract a specific audience.

Answered a year ago

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