Hello! I want to get started creating two or three courses on Udemy. Of course, I want to be successful, therefore i need to position these courses right in their niches. I need someone who can tell me if I can go "broad" with creating a course about "Learning strategies" in general, or if I have better chances if I am more specific, for example "focus strategies for students". In short words: I need an expert for the Udemy Marketplace. Can you help me? Thank you.

My suggestion would definitely be to go as specific as you can. You should start by serving the minimum viable market.

Your product will not be for everybody, but it it will be for a few. If you create the course specifically for this target audience, it will be customised for them and the value for the target audience will be higher.

Think of it in that way: If you put a drop of ink in the ocean, the ocean will not turn purple. If you put a drop of ink in a swimming pool, it will change the colour. So the key is to find a swimming pool first. Then scale up later.

Very crucial for your success on Udemy is the quality of your course. You are facing quite some competition on this platform. Make sure your intro videos are very appealing and you are highlighting the benefits for your students in a clear way.

If you want to know more, please feel free to schedule a call.

Cheers and have a good evening

Answered a year ago

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