Vonza is an online course platform like teachable and kajabi. We make it easy for users to create and sell their online courses and products on our platform. We are in beta and launching in the next 2 months. What will be your best advice/strategy to scale and gain traction and customers with limited financial resources?

1) Hire someone to help speed up your Website.

You're running WordPress, so your site should be much faster.

Site I turn out, run at local speeds of 1M+ requests/minute, so any nonsense you hear about WordPress running slow... is a myth...

2) Primary speed problem seems related to your hosting environment. Likely this means you'll change to using a bare metal host, from a provisioner like OVH.

Tip: If you're planning on running a lot of traffic, you must use bare metal machines + your most crucial resource will be the person who knows enough to keep your machines running fast.

3) Aside: Use self serving hosting for all your courseware (videos, audios, content).

Note: There have been many postings about how to accomplish #3 on Experts Exchange recently.

Self hosted video is far cheaper than any other option + provides a level of metrics unavailable if you use a video hosting service.

4) Best marketing advice is super simple.

After you've finished #1-#3, then just start speaking at every WordCamp (since your site uses WordPress) talking about your business model + the tech (WordPress tricks) used to implement your site.

Tip: I run hosting for many large Summit + Docuseries projects. I'm about to start on the WordCamp circuit talking about my system too, which is very similar to the LMS system you're talking about. In fact, identical technology.

Other speaking venues for you to target will be...

- Affiliate Summit
- PubCon
- 1000s of groups

Ideally the person running your machines is articulate enough to do some of this speaking.

Because... Speaking to groups is hands down the most effective way to land good clients.

Note: clients != good clients.

"Good Clients" - Have the longterm direct experience to user your tech without hassling your support every minute of every day for every little thing.

Tip: I fire all clients, only keeping "Good Clients".

Answered 10 months ago

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