Vonza is an online course platform like teachable and kajabi. We make it easy for users to create and sell their online courses and products on our platform. We are in beta and launching in the next 2 months. What will be your best advice/strategy to scale and gain traction and customers with limited financial resources?

Aside from the great advice you've received already... consider Influencer marketing.

There are aspiring course creators that are in FB Groups, Instagram and also scope out "business coaches" with "fans" in a sweet spot between 2k - 25k.

These influencers are big enough that they do have some reach and small enough that they are willing to potentially entertain an affiliate arrangement with you and help promote your product in exchange for free access (and the super affiliate commission structure) - especially because a recurring commission is very desirable for business coaches.

Same goes for business podcasts - there are so many small podcasts that would be willing to promote your product in exchange for an affiliate commission.

Good luck.

Answered 10 months ago

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