Vonza is an online course platform like teachable and kajabi. We make it easy for users to create and sell their online courses and products on our platform. We are in beta and launching in the next 2 months. What will be your best advice/strategy to scale and gain traction and customers with limited financial resources?

My expertise is in helping increase sales through customer success.

The best advise is to tell your prospects of the unique value of your service or its unique positioning. You need to create compelling propositions that are irresistible and sustainable. It should be better than your competition and communicated strongly.

I have seen your web site and it lacks a compelling story to convince someone to sign up, as of date. Before your launch it would be wise to get a few success stories and videos up on the home page.

Before your marketing strategy you need a compelling story. You also need to articulate a business strategy to the marketer, so he can help you with one. Prima facie I will 'not invest in your business, as it is!'

I would also like to offer to analyse your competition web sites like teachable, kajabi and others. This will help clarify why customers should prefer your service. Then we can get into understanding or articulating business strategy, and then finally the marketing strategy. You may find my article in LinkedIn of use here

You may find faster success gong this route.

Hope this helps and let me know if I can be of further assistance. Best wishes.

Answered 10 months ago

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