A good team with a good execution vastly outweigh any good business ideas. However, I cannot seem to find a similarly driven person from my colleagues, ex-colleagues, Uni alumni or family members. They may not necessarily reject the idea, but they are not a good fit as they are content with their current lifestyle and career. I am aware of the common suggestions like networking events, incubator programs, etc. But getting a cofounder on board is like a 'marriage'. To engage someone whom I do not know well, sounds counter-intuitive. What are your thoughts on continuing to find a co-founder, or simply focus on the business? To provide more context, I am a single-person bootstrapped startup with paid freelancers only.

I always recommend to continue working on the business in parallel with keeping an eye out for a cofounder. As you continue to move forward, it will become easier to get others interested and passionate about joining you.

Keep potential cofounders that you may have already met updated on progress, so that they can see you're not just someone with a good idea, you're driven to implement it too. As they see you continue to make progress they will become increasingly interested in joining and helping you, as they see the potential develop, and what's clear in your eyes becomes more clear in theirs.

Also, as you continue to build the startup, you will continue to iterate and validate it, and you'll get better at understanding and presenting to others its core exciting features / values, which will further help you pitch it to potential cofounders.

Best of luck, and feel free to let me know if you'd like to discuss this or any other aspects of your startup in more detail


Answered 2 years ago

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