Can anyone think of examples of a service you could start by yourself and charge little and as time goes by it can grow? Im ONLY interested in a service where I get paid for thee work I do. I have kids to feed. I cant do a service where I do nothing now and hope to hit the lottery in 8 months. Im thinjking things like - Video Editing - Instagram Marketing - Web Development - Build Shopify Stores - Write blogs and articles for small businesses etc I want to start something and a year from now think "That was a good choice, its growing and profitable" not "Oh why did I pick THAT topic, were barely making a profit", thanks

Wow - what an interesting question. Have you considered sustainable services? Services that will endure no matter what the economy is doing or what the state of things is. Healthcare, medical services, education, financials, etc? Or really honing in on a niche — marketing/advertising when budgets are cut? Business strategy while the stock market is down? Things like that would definitely pique the interest of businesses. Define your ideal customer, one who understands that there will be a payment involved. And you have control over when you get paid and your payment structure. You can do a discovery conversation upfront for no charge, but set a time limit. Create a discovery questionnaire as an initital qualifier to make sure a potential client is a good fit for you before you and the client highly invest your time. I hope that helps!

Answered 10 months ago

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