I am about to launch a new start-up business globally and planning an explainer video to show how my product is more useful than any other similar product in the market. I am not sure which is more effective to use to persuade the market that my product is better than any other.


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This is a relevant question and the answer depends upon a few factors.

However before we get into that, it is not clear to me from your question as to what is your vision, mission, and business plan for the global start up. If not, you much create a detailed business plan.

The details of such a plan and the process of creating an MVP should give some insights into the answer.

There are many ways to address this question. Few are:

- ask your current customers which are typically your buyer persona
- it could depend upon the state of the market and where are you entering. Are you a leader, me too, or a challenger? Are you after new business or after competitive business?
- design think the issue
- use A/B testing
- etc.

It is possible that the answer may be unique to your business or may need to be evolved through data.

In a product launch, I have used all three ways and at time more than one and at times all three! In some of these, the key has been the process to evolve the answer, as much as the answer itself.

I hope this helps. All the best.

Answered 8 months ago

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