I’ve been a few Instagram brands and have been approached my companies. I’m great at selling my skills but given the amount of leads I only want to manage the work. My concern is while outsourcing overseas is a regular practice to expand outstretched resources for an agency, how do I know these agencies won’t swoop in to take my clients ?

As a freelancer myself, I can tell you what keeps most freelancers loyal and honest.
First of all, determine which freelancers are providing you with value, then...
Provide value yourself.
1) Pay them well - maybe increase their rate
2) Provide them with as much work as possible
3) Explore with them other task areas in which they can also contribute and earn.
4) Offer other perks, if possible (visits to your HQ, free courses that can expand their areas of work, etc.)
In other words, give them long-term prospects!
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Answered 8 months ago

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