Dear Sales/Marketing Experts, I own and am looking for help in creating an effective sales strategy for generating more qualified leads. After 13 years in operation, I have heavily relied on SEO and PPC for lead generation, but now times are changing. Do I need to build a list and cold call, networking events, conventions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I reviewed some of your videos and they are impressive. First of all, I would like to know why you think times are changing since SEO and PPC are still million-dollar strategies for lots of B2B companies if everything is done well.

CMOs and marketing directors ---- you can reach them on websites that are actually valuable for them and they spend lots of time. So the following channels can be part of your targets:

1. Agency review websites. When it comes to hiring a new agency CMOs and marketing directors do searches and screening on agency review websites like Clutch, UpCity and etc to find their next great vendor. If you don't have a solid profile in such websites you should review your strategy on how you appear there for your target.

2. Google

On Google they search all their challenges, starting from how to increase the ROI, up to how to start with video strategy, how to measure it, how to find vendors, how to beat the competition etc. If you can answer to those questions then most probably you can be their preferred vendor too.

3. PPC

Of course, they are on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit, Quora (you can answer to Q/A organically and build your brand too)

4. Marketing blogs / Influencers

Of course, they follow Neil Patel, Gary Vee. They read articles on Forbes, Search Engine Land, Hubspot Marketing Blog, etc. If your business is mentioned in those blogs then you get lots of high-quality refferal traffic to your website.

5. Networking / Social Groups

On Facebook and on Linkedin there are lots of great social networks where CMOs and marketing directors exchange valuable information. You should be cautious not to spam and give value first with all your posts and recommendations.

I'm an agency owner myself and have worked with a couple of hundred of CMOS and marketing directors. Give me a call to discuss your strategy and your options in greater detail to ensure your growth is predictable and scalable with whatever approach you want to invet in.

Answered a year ago

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