I'm about to embark on a video series dedicated to marketing and sales directors, marketing managers and CMO's and am looking for the best topics to help engage and educate in a thoughtful manner. So - what topics are you interested in? Do you like listicles? What about video remains a mystery? Interested in production, planning, distribution, strategy, social media? Can you give me some specific topics and I will do my best to produce any videos you suggest. Thanks ahead of time :)


I've worked with many CMOs, Marketing Managers, Sales Directors, etc. selling enterprise software with or to these personas.

The main topics that these folks will be interested in will be lead generation, revenue generation, team enablement, thought leadership, among others. For whichever topic you end up choosing, be sure to communicate ROI (return on investment) tailored to your audience.

The types of people listed above that you want to dedicate your videos to are EXTREMELY numbers-focused and ROI-driven. If you can educate them through short form videos on how your videos can help them with their goals, you will be able successfully "sell" your videos and grab their collective attention in a thoughtful manner.

Happy to jump on a call to give you some first-hand insight as to what specific topics you should focus on.

Answered 7 months ago

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