Knowing some about storytelling, I get that this may not be capturing or showcasing stories of the real heroes (which is not the coaches but the clients). Is it really the case?

It is completely understandable that coaches focus on their credentials and telling about themselves on the homepage. Potential clients want to have some sense of security.
Yet credentials don't tell the whole story. It is not hard to get credentials. And coaches can say anything about themselves that they want.
On the other hand, many coaches out there have a wealth of experience and learning, but don't have the credentials.
My tip to coaches: encourage an initial, free conversation. Speak about your own personal experiences and how your life experiences relate to what you are coaching.
My tip to clients: contact coaches and speak with them.
be open with them. See if they can answer your questions and speak to your personal needs.
If you want to learn more, contact me!

Answered 10 months ago

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