Knowing some about storytelling, I get that this may not be capturing or showcasing stories of the real heroes (which is not the coaches but the clients). Is it really the case?

Tip: Anyone can write anything on a Website.

If you're doing very low dollar coaching, Website content might be a factor.

For high dollar coaching, you may notice some Websites have zero content about anything.

Just an application or opt-in for when site will be open for new clients again.

If you're looking for high dollar clients $1000+/week to month, continuity income clients... it's rare any of these clients will ever come from any Web traffic.

Almost all will come from live talks, direct mail, physical newsletters.

My stats show 80% of my new clients come at or after the 7th contact.

Keep this in mind, Web traffic landing once will tend to be low dollar, high returns, the worst of the worst of clients.

If you're building a 6-7 figure/year coaching practice, you'll have very little focus on Web content.

Answered 10 months ago

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