The challenge is that all budgets are locked down and the business owner is unwilling to take money from their marketing budget (or any other budget) to put towards analytics.

Having sold enterprise software for about 6+ years with various tech companies, I have experience selling to various lines of businesses (finance, marketing, product, etc.) A consistent theme across the many software modules that I have sold is that most modern software include high-level analytics tailored specifically to that LOB.

Business owners often times already have access to high-level analytics for their website/digital marketing tactics and won't see the value of your solution unless there is something really special about your solution for his/her direct job role. The question(s) you need to be asking yourself is:

- Are you targeting the right audience/industry to sell your solution to? Who is your ideal buyer? Which verticals have you been historically successful selling into?
- How is your solution supposed to help the business owner achieve the ROI that they specifically care about? Do you have related customers to your target audience that have already experienced that specific ROI in which you can reference?
- If budgets are locked down, are they just throwing that out as an objection? If you've been able to prove out the value numerically through your analytics in a compelling business case to the business owner (to the point where you can tie an ROI improvement to boosting their top or bottom line), the budget objection should be taken care of unless your pricing is way above the "market rate" to the point where ROI doesn't matter because the "I" is way too costly.

Happy to jump on a call to discuss how you can prove out ROI for your specific use case.

Answered 2 years ago

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