The challenge is that all budgets are locked down and the business owner is unwilling to take money from their marketing budget (or any other budget) to put towards analytics.

First, I’m seeing some clues that one issue is of qualification. Are you even approaching the RIGHT business owners?

Your marketing should be qualifying / disqualifying leads before they reach you (if you’re in sales).

One of the biggest elements & causes for low sales conversions (over the last two decades selling to companies) is going after (targeting) the WRONG leads.

Second, without seeing how you present or discuss your analytics solution to prospective clients, I’m taking an educated guess here, your messaging may be focused too much on analytics itself instead of the ROI value and outcomes for the business owner.

E.g. No business owner really cares about “analytics”, but they do care about being able to easily know where to allocate their budget/funds to generate higher ROI (which is the result & outcomes from access to good analytics).

Without knowing much detail about your product/service, these are two areas I’d review:

1) Targeting & qualification
2) The message being presented to your prospects

Answered 2 years ago

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