Hey everyone! My name is Lucas, I'm the owner of sells animations to social media influencers of any size and provides them with animations that actively help them to scale their channels of influence. They tell the viewer to subscribe or like visually, for example, which makes a genuine difference in likes & subscribers per video pushed out. Now, I'm only targeting mid-sized to big YouTubers (7.5K - 10M subscribers). That's a *really* small market, and I'm competing with an older company selling the same type of products called I'm trying to figure out how to market my products, or if I should even bother at all. I get about 2-3 sales a month totaling about 100 a month. That's nice pocket money at age 15 (almost 16 now..) but not a big deal in comparison to other earnings. I know I can scale this more but I have no real budget to market it. I have next to no reach to begin with (though I've worked for very big YouTubers, having my own animations seen hundreds of millions of times) and I don't know how to get much further than 209 followers on the Twitter account right now. Any suggestions for marketing methods that do not cost too much money and provide me with genuinely useful reach? Any tips are appreciated. Thank you guys so much.

Hey Lucas,

I've been selling technology solutions for 6+ years now and one of the companies I worked with, Visually, sold animations/short form videos to content creators and companies.

After taking a look at your website, I already see one marketing method that does not cost too much money for you: customer testimonials! You need to ask your current customers (paying or otherwise) to put their logo/channels/reviews on your website to show others that there are reputable people that stand by your work. After all, your best method of marketing should come from word of mouth from your current customers that are happy with the work you've been able to do for them.

After getting some testimonials, you can start utilizing Twitter, LinkedIn, email, etc. to broadcast how you've been able to help these businesses with your animations and subsequently attract others to the value proposition of your product (animations).

You've got a super good thing going right now and the fact that you are seeking help means you are extremely resourceful- a characteristic that will prove incredibly useful in whatever path you decide to pursue.

I'm happy to jump on a call to provide you with some insight as to what your messaging should be in those LinkedIn/Twitter/Customer Testimonials to attract more customers.

Answered 4 months ago

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