I have been watching and reading a bunch of info about t-shirt business, and I think I'm ready to start. I'm planning to start with a print on demand model. But, I feel that I can't find enough or good information about marketing which probably is one of the most important things, right? I hope you could help me with a couple good sources.

Hi there,

I've sold marketing solutions to folks in the eCommerce space before and without knowing what type of marketing you want to do, there are several ways you can begin advertising your products.

You are absolutely correct in your statement that marketing is very important. What do you want your buyers to wear? Why should they buy your product? Who is your target audience? Which geography do you plan on kicking off your business? Having these questions answered will help you target the correct market and begin crafting your marketing strategy.

I am happy to jump on a call to go through your various channels/options in which you can begin marketing.


Answered 10 months ago

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