External stakeholders, such as investors, often put pressure on startups to perform, such as increase sales, while you want to refine your product, extend your portfolio or similar. You generally feel that your creativity and innovation drive and passion is threatened by these external stakeholders? Can you give me some tips and real-life examples or past experience on how to solve this dilemma of conflictual demands?

External investors are doing their jobs, they are just concerned about the financials of the startup. That is why it is very important to clarify in detail the roles, responsabilities, deliverables, dates, etc.. before close the deal, in order to agreed those point of possible conflict with a risk matrix

I recommend you to refresh the relation, put in the table the situations that are concerned you, regarding the investors, always understanding the essentials of their roles, i.e. investment returns. You should realize a new process of communication with your stakeholders solving their interests and yours.

Answered a year ago

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