External stakeholders, such as investors, often put pressure on startups to perform, such as increase sales, while you want to refine your product, extend your portfolio or similar. You generally feel that your creativity and innovation drive and passion is threatened by these external stakeholders? Can you give me some tips and real-life examples or past experience on how to solve this dilemma of conflictual demands?


I've worked for 3 separate venture-backed firms and I've seen/experienced what you are describing time and time again.

You need to put yourself in those investor's shoes. They invest in dozens of companies and have given you their hard-earned money in hopes that one day, they will earn a multiple on their invested cash. If you were an investor, you would feel the same way about your money....UNLESS the CEO/cofounder of the company convinced you that this creativity can translate to more revenue for the company which in turn, equals more money in their pocket in the future.

Your job, in short, is to sell that innovation or creativity to your investors to make them understand the value proposition of that innovation so that they won't feel the need to turn on the heat. This is why the job of a CEO/Cofounder is so difficult- you are the face of the company and you have to guide operations, focus on innovation, sell to customers and internal/external stakeholders, among many other things.

I am happy to provide tips and show you some real-life examples on how the companies I worked for in the past were able to solve this dilemma of handling different agendas. Let me know if you want to book a call and I would be happy to explain in greater detail.


Answered a year ago

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