I run an online meditation program that has got amazing feedback so far, but I don't have the marketing skills (or bandwidth) to take it to the next level. I'm looking for a marketing expert interested in this space to partner up on a revenue share basis. Where can I find such a person? And what should I look for in them?

I am really excited by this space, not just at the consumer level with Calm and Headspace, but also at the enterprise level with startups like Ginger and Modern Health. If you're looking to scale customer or client acquisition, I'd suggest the following:

1) Content Marketing — I would take your knowledge as an expert, and write long-form articles on the topic. You then submit the articles to major publishers. I have found this to consistently be the most inexpensive method of acquiring large scale awareness at a low cost. Ads can be tough to make work if you haven't got a decent capital backing for a product like this.

2) Video Marketing — Youtube loves this category of content, and if you can give out a preview of your program, you could start by doing some internal video production of you speaking — people listen to experts that can communicate with charisma. If you have this quality, just keep speaking on the topic consistently, and post three times per week on Twitter, Youtube and Medium.

If you'd like to talk further on the above, feel free to book a call with me, or see more of my work in video at

Answered 3 years ago

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