A service that lets you try high end items before you buy. So example speakers or TV or drones, you get to try them for a week and then decide if you want to keep it. If you do you're charged the price of the item, if not you can return it for free. My idea was to charge brands for the service and handle fulfillment and we keep a % of sales made.

As had been said in previous posts, there are already ways by which customers can try products before committing fully such as leasing them, then paying the difference to make the purchase.

This happens in both the automotive and tech sectors and many others. Depending on where your business would be based, some countries such as the UK have a 'cooling off' period where people can return a product they've bought.

The other area that needs exploring and that I'd question is why a Brand would pay you, as there is no clear benefit from doing so.

It's good that you've thought about this though, and I'd recommend maybe developing the idea, or coming up with similar but different ideas or other ideas. Entrepreneurs and Innovators have to challenge the status quo so your way of thinking is good.

I am a Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as a successful Entrepreneur myself and have helped hundreds of companies over the last two decades with help and advice. I would be happy to discuss your ideas or plans and the best way forward with you or others any time.

I'm new to Clarity but you can check my LinkedIn profile here and if you do schedule a call, please send me a Summary of what you would like to discuss beforehand so I can prepare properly.

Answered 4 months ago

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