I'm looking to buy some new eCommerce brands to add to my portfolio and curious to hear the best websites to search for existing eCommerce business for sale.


Hoping you are in the best of your health amidst this pandemic. Coming to your question, following are 3 avenues to buying an e-commerce site:
- Shopify Exchange if a marketplace you can use to buy the said business.
- Flippa - Auction sites, where you can go bid for an online business for sale.
- Online business brokers namely Digital Exits & FE International are helpful.
- Contacting Online Business Owners Directly is the last option. While you do that, it would be nice to a bit of research using tools like Alexa, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to get a more behind-the-scenes look into the health of the business.

Another good site for you to refer is

Lastly go through the link below which you some good 10 market places to buy e commerce business.

I have personal experience of selling a business. Feel free to call me, in case you looking for some advice on how to pick a good ecommerce site, the salient points to confirm before buying. Such as focussing on profits than the 7/ 8 digit GMV is critical. Vendors and brokers like to push the turnover figure because it looks impressive.

You can reach me here...

Answered a year ago

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