I am a young entrepreneur thinking of developing an e-wallet like PayPal or wepay in China, but in a different philosophy... I want it to be an e-wallet, as well as a bridge for payments, where stores only need to integrate our e-wallet payment system to be able to accept all kinds of credit cards and cash services which we integrate into the system. I would hire expert developers when it comes to programming, but I would appreciate any insight or advise when approaching ecommerce business.

E-Commerce platform as a very easy.
E-Commerce food thought a very clean thought.
E-Commerce for all social media platform on account activate.

It is very easy to start an e-commerce platform. The first step for this is that your thinking should be clear. You want to sell the product of this method. Your product should have good quality. Your product should have a good quality picture. Your product should have good quality videos. Good quality merchandise should have been made inside your product. Your product should have a good rate that will be liked by people from a common man to the largest section. If this quality is available in you, then you will not stop your e-commerce platform. There is nothing bad in this.

Answered 4 months ago

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