A marketplace where charities, orphanage, non profits can post what resources or finances they need along with a breakdown of what the finances will be used for and then individuals or corporations can donate to them and money is released when they hit the amount needed. Pro and cons of this?

Having done a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter & Indiegogo last year to launch a new brand, I think crowdfunding sites have amazing potential and are here to stay.

That being said, Gofundme will definitely be your biggest competitor in that space, but I think you can definitely add more value to this marketplace to connect people closely with the charities they want to support.

Having the organization who receives the fund obligated to "show" how they are using the fund and giving a detailed update to the backers would be great to avoid people taking advantage of the system like many have done on gofundme...

I think as long as you can connect people with their favorite organization and give them the trust and confidence that the money is going to the right place, a Kickstarter for charity will always be a success.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign I did last year that raised $154k - I'd like to share with you what I learned from this experience and what I like/dislike about Kickstarter that could be improved.

Feel free to book a call if you want to chat:

Good luck with this project!

Answered 4 months ago

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