Now that WFH is becoming an acceptable norm, will companies be open to going on extended offsites or retreats for a month or so with the whole company to work + have teambuilding activities? For example: renting a villa in Bali or Costa Rica and just working from there for a month? If you're a CEO or HR person is your company considering adopting something like this as an employee perk?

With the exception of the "extended" qualifier, I believe the answer is yes. I have extensive experience growing remote engineering teams. As somebody else here mentioned, extended offsites are difficult because schedules are tough to coordinate, people have families, etc. However, it is very common for remote teams to have anywhere from 1-4 offsite meetups per year - anywhere from 3-7 days in length - where a combination of work and play occur. The more the better, but the frequency and length tends to be dictated by budget. These are great opportunities to build culture and rally around big projects. As more companies go remote, I suspect they'll find the same types of offsites and cadences making sense for them.

Answered 5 months ago

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