I would like switch my current job as Front end Wen Developer. I had my undergrad degree in Management Information System. I have passion for designs and creative stuff. I don't have any past experience of Web Developing and also don't wanna go for any core programming. Looking for something light yet creative. Please let me know how Can I be a Front-end-Developer.

The first thing you want to do is to stay away from major JavaScript frameworks—they are a time sink that doesn't translate into much experience down the road. Invest some time into learning the basics HTML, CSS, vanilla Javascript.

Start simple with these technologies and build on that stack over time. If you start making websites with Bootstrap, React or something else, you'll quickly be overwhelmed and you'll miss on essential basic understanding.

The first step for you now would be go explore CodePen, make an account and use that as a playground. It greatly reduces your moving parts, as you won't have to think about setting up a development environment.

As to what to build and get your hands dirty with—find simple CodePen examples that you like, copy them and play with their code. Try changing things here and there and see how this plays out.

Answered 7 months ago

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