Hi all, My name is Ben Walker and I’m planning to run a software company. I was planning to build my team quickly by putting minimal efforts from my end. But I found that there is a shortage of talent or lack of particular technical skills which are required for software development in my area. After doing a detailed research, I found that hiring a software development outsourcing team( can help me with saving cost. What is the process of hiring a dedicated IT development team? Does anyone know about a robust team of highly professional dedicated developers that you have hired? Please let me know.

Hi Ben
Having worked in an IT company for 2 years, I think I can better answer your question.
1. Firstly remember, every team has their own expertise (some with front-end and some with back-end development). So, hiring a single team for a complete software development may not be good idea.
2. Compare their charges with the work (hourly or sum). And always have a backup team. And do not pay the entire money upfront.
3. Have documentation on each and everything they promise and what you want.
4. See their client testimonials and check if they have already worked with a similar kind of work which you give.

Please do give me a call in case you wanna know more.... And do give me a bit of background about your issue, so that I can better be prepared

Answered 7 months ago

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