Hi all, My name is Ben Walker and I’m planning to run a software company. I was planning to build my team quickly by putting minimal efforts from my end. But I found that there is a shortage of talent or lack of particular technical skills which are required for software development in my area. After doing a detailed research, I found that hiring a software development outsourcing team( can help me with saving cost. What is the process of hiring a dedicated IT development team? Does anyone know about a robust team of highly professional dedicated developers that you have hired? Please let me know.

If this is your first time doing this, likely best for to first hire a full time or Fractional CTO to hire this team.

There are just to many variables to consider.

The primary variable is the code you're producing + how to ensure quality.

A CTO, with decades of experience + well versed in all manner of technologies, is essential to ensure you're correctly allocating developer funds.

If you miss this step, likely you'll either overpay or underpay, almost surely having problems delivering product + ensuring delivered product quality.

Answered 7 months ago

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