I'm planning to start selling items ( OWN BRAND) related to babies ( towels, here in Brazil, but thinking global for a future. What are the key factors I should pay attention on this market?

The biggest market of baby is hyper competitive as it’s often first around price. These are the commoditized baby items moms buy for their fast growing and messy babies - ie items that likely aren’t around for more than months because of growth or stains etc. This is the largest market segment and driven buy pricing but can include : green or more conscience materials, recycle etc for a slightly higher pricing. The competitive set in this is mom going to Target and buying another low cost 5 pack of a bigCo basic brand they know. So if this is your brand segment you’ll need to find a position that resonates - and likely at competitive low pricing or a reason for mom to pay a bit more for what she sees likely as short term disposable goods.

Other segment is the aspirational lux customers /special occasion / friend grandma gift items. Better to great quality and design and higher pricing. It’s a Smaller portion of market and driven by boutiques, catalog, Internet...

Either way or anything you choose to do - what’s your brand stand for in a consumer (moms) mind and does it matter enough to her.

Answered a year ago

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